Make sure to change-out filters in-time! Consistent maintenance is essential in ensure safe water on board and to prevent damaging of equipment. Make sure all replacement filters are replaced as indicated. The reverse osmosis unit has 3 cartridges, the water tap point 1.

Filter head (A)

Depending on the model - a 6TO BW or 7TO BW cartridge fits this first (left) filter head. These cartridges contain Granular Activated Carbon and are focused to mainly handle taste, odour and chlorine.

Change-out: every 6 months

Filter head (B)

Depending on the model a 100 / 225 / 350 GPD RO membrane cartridge fits the central filter head. These cartridges contain the membrane filtration that can remove up to 95% of all mineral salts from the water as well as the vast majority of organic chemicals, chlorine and by products, pesticides herbicides etc. The membrane forms a barrier for bacteria and viruses and therefore produces safe water. When outgoing pressure drops, the cartridge has to be replaced.

Change-out: every 2-3 years

Filter head (C)

Depending on the model a 7CC BW / 7DM BW / BW400 cartridge fits this filter head 7CC BW Calcite filter: Increases water hardness by introducing a small amount of calcium carbonate minerals into low hardness/TDS waters. Resulting in balanced drinking water.

Change-out: every 1 year

Internal filter Maritime Bottle Filling Station

These filters can handle a total of 10,000 L / 2,640 gal. water or a max of 1 year operation. The filter indicator on the Water Bottle Filling Stations will advise when to replace this filter.