Reduce plastic

What can you do?

You can make a difference! Check out the facts on this page and we don't have to give you any explanation.

Did you know...

  • Using a reusable water bottle helps the environment in all the ways plastic bottles harm it.
  • When one person switches to a reusable water bottle, on average 217 plastic water bottles  are saved from going to landfills. On board even many many more!
  • One stainless steel water bottle is equal to 50 plastic bottles in manufacturing energy consumption.

Impact of reusable bottles

  • EVERY 60 SECONDS, AN INCREDIBLE 1 MILLION SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES are bought around the world. What’s even more shocking is that this number was expected to jump 20% by 2021.
  • A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE CAN REMIND YOU TO STAY HYDRATED when it’s with you most of times. Look at it as a gauge for how much water you’ve had and need.
  • PLASTIC BOTTLES TAKE UP TO 450 YEARS TO DISSOLVE and 80% of our plastics will not be recycled.
  • At the current rate, plastic pollution WILL OUTGROW THE FISH POPULATION IN OUR WATERS BY 2050