Safe Water on Board

Water production you can trust

The Everpure MRS-225 CC reverse osmosis unit offers tailored blending of incoming water. The distilled water is converted to the drinking water fountain where it is chilled and get his final filtration stage to provide tasty healthy water! 

How does it work?

The 3-step MRS-225 concept guards against taste and odour causing contaminants while removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals that can adversely affect taste of water and beverages.

Hygiene and disinfection applications

Step - 1

Activated carbon and membrane protector; to remove chemicals and unwanted pollution particles to protect the RO membrane.

Step - 2

MRS-225 RO Membrane; produces purified water based on the Reversed Osmosis principle. Reverse osmosis technology filtrating viruses and bacteria.

Step - 3

7CC Feeder, filled with essential minerals which slowly mix with the product water for optimum health and maximum taste.


• Chlorine taste & odour reduction
• Particulate reduction
• TDS reduction
• Scale inhibition
• Mineral boost