Fit at Sea Service Partner 

We believe in building lasting and complete partnerships. In providing you with well-engineered and durable products, and supporting you around the globe whenever you need us. Our origins lie in a water delivery service in the port of Rotterdam. Historical roots dating back all the way to 1906.
Our mission: to provide our worldwide clientele sustainably with water of the right quality. To this end, we supply a balanced mix of technologies, products and services. Supported by flexibility, know-how and experience.

Rely on us

Water dependence is a critical issue in our world. We are very conscious of this and aim for one hundred percent reliability in our processes. Our personal commitment and accountability are essential for this ambition.

Respecting differences

We highly value good internal and external working relationships. Being active worldwide means we are in constant contact with different cultures. Respectful treatment of others, regardless of their sex, faith or persuasion is paramount to us.


As world population increases, so does the level of prosperity and consumption. This makes natural resources more precious than ever, and for us this means we must treat our natural environment with due care.

Rotterdam +31 (0)10 409 12 00
Dubai +971 4 345 3435
Houston +18 323808733
Toll free U.S. 888-58-WATER
Singapore +65 6515 8021